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The Three Stages Of Craft Beer Fermentation

When brewing craft beer, the fermentation process is a complex process, and the fermentation product affects the flavor and foam of the craft beer, while giving the craft beer its typical characteristics.

The whole fermentation process can be divided into three stages:

① Yeast adaptation stage.

② aerobic stage.

③ Anaerobic fermentation stage.

Since the fermentation process is continuous, the fermentation metabolism changes before and after fermentation should be considered as an interrelated process. During the fermentation process, by-products produced by yeast play a special role, and some of these by-products are partially decomposed. The formation and partial breakdown of these by-products are closely related to yeast metabolism.

For craft beer, the fermentation degree of the finished wine should be measured before filling, and it is expected that the fermentation degree of the finished beer should be as close to the final fermentation degree as possible.


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