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Factors Affecting The Conversion Rate Of Sugar In Craft Beer Fermentation

When the beer equipment brews craft beer, the final composition and content of the fermentation liquid play a decisive role in the flavor of the craft beer, among which sugars are the main carbon nutrients for the fermentation of craft beer. The conversion rate of sugar during fermentation, the specific analysis is affected by the following factors:

(1) Wort characteristics. The rate of fermentation depends first of all on the degree of separation of cold and hot coagulants in the wort, the oxygen supply to the wort and the composition of the wort.

(2) Fermentation temperature. The rate of alcoholic fermentation increased significantly with the increase of temperature, while the rate of low temperature fermentation slowed down.

(3) Yeast concentration. The contact area between yeast cells and wort is very important for material transformation. The contact area expanded with increasing yeast cell concentration. The amount of yeast was expressed as the number of cells (cells/ml). The number of yeast cells can reach (3~4)×107/ml in the most vigorous growth stage, and even as high as 108/ml in some technological processes.

(4) Mechanical action. Mechanical movements such as circulation, stirring, etc., can strengthen the contact between yeast cells and wort, and make fermentation vigorous.

(5) Yeast species. The fermentation speed is also a genetic characteristic of each yeast species, and the fermentation speed of different yeast species is also different.

(6) During fermentation, pressure builds up, which gradually stops fermentation, yeast proliferation, and formation of fermentation by-products. The reason is that the amount and pressure of CO2 dissolved in the beer is increasing.


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