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Craft Beer Equipment Fermentation Process And Time

In recent years, craft beer has become one of the common wines on the daily table of ordinary people. It is a very popular wine. Compared with white wine, it seems to be more suitable for gatherings with friends and drinking alone. It has become another social interaction for everyone. Wine, craft beer has become more and more popular with everyone. It has good taste, rich and mellow malt aroma, and it is not easy to drink. It is a green and healthy drink. Craft beer is widely used for its unique flavor, color and health. Respected and recognized by the market, Medell’s beer equipment manufacturers have always insisted on brewing with malt, hops, yeast, and purified water as raw materials, only making craft brews and not industrial beer. Every drop comes from the high requirements of brewing, no additives, natural fragrance and pure taste.

Many people have drank craft beer, but they are not very clear about his craftsmanship and so on. They just think it is delicious and like it. They know that it is made of malt, hops, yeast and water. Talk to you about the fermentation process and time of craft beer equipment.

  1. Craft beer equipment brewing craft beer is divided into upper fermentation and lower fermentation in terms of fermentation methods. The difference is that the yeast is fermented on the top of the fermentation tank, and the yeast is under the fermentation tank* fermented lager. The difference between upper fermentation and lower fermentation is the temperature and fermentation time of craft beer. The temperature of upper fermentation is higher at 10-20 degrees and the fermentation time is longer, generally ranging from 7-20 days, while the temperature of lower fermentation is lower. Most industrial lagers are 3-7 days below 10 degrees and fermentation time is shorter. Therefore, lager beer accounts for more than 80% of the existing market sales. After all, the shorter the fermentation time, the more conducive to large- scale industrial production.One bottle of ale can brew multiple bottles of lager in the same time. The fermentation process of craft beer equipment is mainly 10-20 degrees. The fermentation time is about 7-20 days, and the fermentation period of some German beer manor beers is 28 days, so that the beer is slowly fermented at a low temperature, the taste is softer, the fragrance is longer lasting, and the foam is richer. Craft beer is a high-end beer that is often sold in some high-end star -rated hotels. Intelligent operation is simple and convenient. Craft beer equipment is a device that integrates an intelligent automatic operating system. The user only needs to prepare the wine quality in the wine barrel, and carry out the corresponding program design, so as to conveniently complete the wine operation. Because it operates intelligently,it can properly control the different environments and can ensure a very high level of quality throughout the wine.
  2. Small and easy to store

Craft beer equipment can provide each merchant with a lot of choices in the market, and because the entire equipment is highly compatible with the needs of merchants, it not only saves space, but also reduces the space for users to manage equipment. Medell’s beer equipment manufacturer is an early beer equipment company in China. Its main business includes craft beer equipment production, brewing technology training, and supply of high-quality brewing raw materials. It has been conducting direct business for 10 years. Accurate and high-quality requirements of ourselves, integrity-based, quality-based survival, adhere to the high-quality national standard version 304 food-grade stainless steel, national standard thickness, ensure the quality of equipment raw materials, keep improving,ensure the stability of wine taste and To prolong the service life of the equipment, the brewer guarantees the customer’s brewing technology, long-term and efficient follow-up guidance service, guarantees the brewing technology of customers and friends, and keeps abreast of the industry’s cutting-edge information. Equipment can also be customized!




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