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Beer Equipment Manufacturers Share The Fermentation Process Of Beer

When brewing craft beer, beer equipment not only has requirements on the quality of beer equipment, but also in the brewing process, one of the most important tasks in the fermentation process is hygiene management. An effective sanitation management system must be established, the sanitation management system formulated should be realistic, and it should be implemented conscientiously in actual production, which is the guarantee of brewing pure draft beer.

For the hygienic requirements of fermentation tank process pipelines, valves, CIP cleaning systems and yeast, pure draft beer is much higher than ordinary beer. They are described below:

(1) Fermentation tank. The inner surface has a high smoothness and is easy to clean, and there is no hygienic dead angle. Always use cold cleaning when cleaning.

(2) Process piping. It is necessary to use the inner polished stainless steel tube for welding by double-sided argon arc welding, aseptic and hygienic design, and no dead ends. Thermal cleaning is used for cleaning.

(3) Valve. Be sure to have a hygienic design, especially the sampling valve. In actual production, a sampling valve specially used for pure draft beer production is generally used. Its advantage is that every part of the valve can be cleaned, and there is no sanitary dead angle. After sampling, the valve and related pipelines should be cleaned in strict accordance with the cleaning specifications. In addition, leak-proof double seat valve and valve array systems are often used.

(4) CIP cleaning system. Taking the filter as the boundary, the fermentation area is often divided into two parts, the unfiltered area and the filtered area. According to the different hygiene requirements, the two should be strictly separated, and the IP cleaning system should operate independently to prevent cross-contamination.

(5) The yeast used in production should be strictly managed, and only 1~2 generations of yeast should be used. The yeast should be tested for anaerobic bacteria before use, and the test results can only be added to the worth after the test results meet the hygienic requirements.


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